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We are a venture fund dedicated to investing in transformative green technology companies. Our mission is to invest in companies that are on the cutting edge of environmental innovation, helping to create a more sustainable world.
We are passionate about green technology. From renewable energy and green building materials to clean water, air, and soil technologies, we are committed to supporting and investing in the most promising companies in this space. Our portfolio companies are on the cusp of creating a more sustainable future, and we are proud to be a part of it.

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Our mission

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Nutshell Green Tech Venture Fund is committed to investing in and supporting start-up companies and entrepreneurs who are driving the green economy forward.
Our mission is to provide venture capital and resources to innovative, early stage, and high growth companies in the green technology sector. We strive to serve as a bridge between green technology companies and the venture capital community, enabling them to bring their products and services to the market.
We are committed to investing in companies that are focused on developing solutions to global climate change, reducing energy costs and promoting sustainable living.
We seek to provide seed capital and resources to entrepreneurs who share our commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable world. Our goal is to help create a green economy that is resilient, equitable and prosperous.

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The story behind Nutshell


Nutshell began in 2004 as a Family Office, providing strategic business advice and investment opportunities to families and individuals. Over the years, the company evolved into a full-service Asset and Fund Management company, managing investments in emerging technologies and sustainable ventures.


Nutshell Ventures was granted a Fund Management Licence from the Estonian Financial Authority (EFA) in 2022.  Nutshell Ventures is committed to providing a secure and transparent fund management service to its clients, backed by the EFA's stringent standards.


By 2025, Nutshell had become a leader in the green-tech industry, with its venture fund providing capital to innovative startups and helping to build a more sustainable future.

Our mantra



Unlock the Future with Green Tech - Invest in Innovation!



Investing in a Greener Tomorrow: Bringing Transparency and Accountability to Green Technology Investment



Investing in a Greener Future: The Green Tech Fund for a Sustainable Tomorrow


Team work

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration to Accelerate Green Technology Innovations



Invest in the Future: Power Your Portfolio with Green Tech

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Maakri 19, 30th floor
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